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Water Heaters systems

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Nowadays, the necessity for production and saving of energy without at the same time polluting the environment has become common knowledge. The planet's conventional energy resources are diminishing to a threatening level as our society’s energy requirements are increasing, generating pollutants that affect the climate's balance.

Renewable energy sources promise a solution to the energy problem as well as to pollution. Gradually, the international legislation is changing and encouraging - or even imposing- the use of alternative energy products, with the aim to satisfy energy requirements without endangering the environment.

With the use of solar systems, thermosiphonic or forced circulation, is achieved energy saving of 70-100%. At the same time the operation time of the boiler or electric resistance is decreased, depending on the sunlight of each region and the system's size, with simultaneous reduction of emission of carbon dioxide.
Although every case has its own particularities, we firmly believe that it is an investment which is amortized in a period of 3-5 years and has an average lifetime of more than 20 years.

The solar systems made of excellent materials according to international specifications and have all the certifications and test reports that confirm their quality.

They are highly aesthetic systems, which can be simply and quickly installed to blend with the traditional or modern architecture of a building and to provide free hot water almost the whole year round. Even in regions with low sunlight they achieve the preheating of the water, which contributes to a drastically reduced consumption of conventional energy.